Episode 11: Renee Unruh

I’m reaching back into the early days of the Story and the story and finally clearing the vaults of some precious and wonderful interviews. Here’s the first in the way back series.

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Episode 6: Christine Perkins

Pastor, poet and new mother Christine Perkins invites us into her reading room for episode six of the Story and the Story. 

 It's a place where poetry and the spiritual power of ancient literature share a table, where feminist theory and gender studies rub shoulders with Agatha Christie and cheap mystery paperbacks, and where good scotch and the Bible happily coexist.

Coming soon!

Summer strikes back

Hello,  dear listeners

A perfect storm of sickness, late nights partying with a non sleeping baby,  and travels have rendered our hardworking audio engineer unable to keep up with editing new episodes,  but we promise we will be back on track soon.  Thanks for your patience. It will all be worth it,  as we have a bevy of bodacious,  book filled chats just waiting to be heard. 

Peace and happy summer, 

Sarah & the stories

In Progress

While we patiently wait for the latest episode of the Story and the Story with Curtis Emde to make it out of the Valley of the Shadow of Technical Difficulties,  I've been spending time recording new episodes at the new Inspiration Lab at the Vancouver Public Library with some of my favourite authors and friends.  Here's a picture of me and a cute baby (aka our dear Calliope Rose) to distract you while waiting for the podcast.  


The Bookshelf: Deborah A.M. Phillips

We chatted about so many good books on this inaugural episode of the Story and the Story with author Deborah A.M. Phillips

For a copy of Deborah's novel, Argonauta, go to:


Check any of these books out from your local library or click on the link below to find them at amazon.ca.