Bachelor of English, Honours

(University of British Columbia) 





Over 250,000 words in print: press releases, essays, newspaper articles, advertising copy, letters home, web content, blog posts, short stories, course outlines, poems, newsletters, headlines, taglines, catchphrases and more. 





The world is too complex and beautiful to clutter up with the same old sentences. 

I think thematically, feel deeply and love to tackle ideas and concepts that need description and colour added. I'm an equal opportunity wordsmith who will write about anything and everything.




was born out of a friend asking me to do some writing for another friend.  

Now, Kiftwords is all about crafting copy for people who need more, better, clearer, nicer words for their worthwhile endeavours and projects. 

I write because I enjoy writing. This is a good thing for you if you hire me, as I do this work because I want to, not because I have to.  

You'll always get writing that is likeable and comes from a place of enjoyment and love of the craft. 

Consider Kiftwords if you need to fill a page or paint a whole new world.  





Chops (just in case you were wondering):

88 words per minute. No grammatical errors left standing.  Fully versed in all major style guides and conventions in the English language. Putting punctuation in its place every time. Well-read, well spoken, well-trained.