the story behind the story.

Sarah began the Story and the Story in 2014 after an epiphany on a boardwalk in New Westminster. A lifelong literature fiend on the cusp of starting a family, she realised that her love of talking about books and ideas with friends, admired authors and avid readers was still possible even with babies running around, and it could come to life as soon as she picked up a microphone.

And so the Story and the Story was born just a few months before Sarah's first daughter. 

Interviews happen either in Sarah's humble home studio or the studios of the Vancouver Public Library's Inspiration Lab in downtown Vancouver. Husband and tech wizard Jonathan Kift takes care of the audio editing, and internationally renowned dj J-Pod provides the theme music. 

New books, stories and guests are always welcome! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to share your story of reading and writing.